Welcome To My Rebel Flag!

Rebel Flag / Confederate Flag Banned by Shopify.
Rebel Flag Banned by Shopify.

In today’s politically correct world we became a victim of #CancelCulture. Our online stores that sold Rebel Flag / Confederate Flag products like motorcycle helmets, gloves, vest extenders, ride bells, etc. was the victim of Cancel Culture. SHOPIFY (the ecommerce platform that hosts our stores) decided to jump on the latest Cancel Culture bandwagon, threatening us with closing down our store unless we removed HATEFUL CONTENT. They say that the depiction of the Rebel Flag / Confederate Flag is “hateful content” and any products with the flag on it, had to be removed.

We had to make the tough choice (at least for now) to remove those products. SHOPIFY closed my store for three days while we were making the decision as to whether to remove the products or to find another ecommerce platform to host our store. Since the moving of a store to another platform can be a time consuming tedious affair, at this point, we removed the “offensive” products so our store could be reopened.

We decided to open this new store MY REBEL FLAG, so we could still offer you the products you desire. So here we are!

Products will be added very shortly, please bear with us.

This rebel flag / confederate flag was banned by Shopify. We were censored and forced to remove all products with the Rebel Flag on it.

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