Banned By Shopify

We offered a selection of products with the Rebel Flag / Confederate Flag on them in our biker leather store, like rebel flag helmets, rebel flag ride bells, rebel flag gloves, rebel flag patches, rebel flag vest extenders and more. Our ecommerce provider / web host is SHOPIFY. The people at Shopify have threatened me with closing down my store unless I remove all products that depict the Rebel Flag or Confederate Flag on them. They call the Southern Heritage Flag “hateful content” and have bullied us into removing those products. They have taken away our FREE SPEECH rights and have taken away YOUR right to buy Rebel Flag products with YOUR OWN MONEY!

What these so called activists are too stupid to realize is that this is a slippery slope. Perhaps next Americans will want to cancel Canadian culture in America. Whatever it is that is important to you, may be the next victim of Cancel Culture. What’s next? The American Flag perhaps? Maybe next time we will be told the American Flag is offensive to someone so we have to remove those products as well? Where does it all end?

NO ONE forced anyone to buy merchandise that depict the Rebel Flag or Confederate Flag. Those that DO want to buy it have every right to do so. Just as those of us who PAY our hard earned money to ecommerce platforms like Shopify, have the right to sell these products. These products are NOT ILLEGAL. We are talking about motorcycle helmets with the Rebel Flag on it, vest extenders with the Rebel Flag, Boot Chains with the Rebel Flag, gloves with the Rebel Flag, Ride Bells with the Rebel Flag. None of these products are illegal. Do YOU have to like them? Of course not, you also have the right NOT to buy them. However, you do NOT have the right to ban these products from other people who choose to buy them. However, that’s what is being done here.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by our ecommerce solution provider, Shopify, and as soon as we can find an affordable alternative to Shopify, we will move our store. If you would like to tell the owner of Shopify how you feel, you can Tweet him on Twitter. His Twitter handle is @tobi on or click here to go to his page directly:

Thank you all for your patronage, our Rebel Flag products have been our most popular selling items and I have found out that I’m not the only victim of this #CancelCulture at Shopify, I’ve spoken to other shop owners who have also had to remove Rebel Flag / Confederate Flag items from their stores that are hosted on Shopify.

So, we opened this new store you are visiting so we could still offer our valued customers the items depicting the Rebel Flag that you want.